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    XMP files appear as applescripts (icons)


      Hi there


      I am retouching some files for someone.


      We both have CR 7.4, and CS6. The files are D800 images.


      When I open the file, the image looks totally flat, but all the levels (numbers for blacks, whites, contrast etc) all show the same as my client's computer.


      Also, before I touch the file the XMP files appear correct. Adobe seems to reognize them, and they have correct icon. However if I save a change to XMP, the file appears as an applescript file.


      I tried the adobe clean up app, re-installed PS, am running the newest CR7.4


      Is there something I'm missing? My OS is 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. My client is on 10.8 I beleive.



      Any help would be great!