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    Cold Fuison 10 Installation issues

    userCold9 Level 1



      I am installing Colf Fusion 10 Enterprise Edition on a Windows 2003 Server.


      Below is the installation information:

      Installation Directories:

         Product: D:\ColdFusion10


      Server Information:

         Web Server: Internet Information Server (IIS) (All)

         ODBC Services: installed

         ColdFusion Solr Search Services: installed

         ColdFusion .NET Integration Services: installed

         Microsoft .NET version: v2.0.50727

         .NET Java Port: 6085

         .NET Client Port: 6086

         Documentation: installed

         RDS: disabled


      Disk Space Information (for Installation Target):

         Required: 598,249,450 bytes

         Available: 17,875,804,160 bytes


      Whe the installation tries to bring up the CF admin:


      The page displayed is: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage


      I checked the IIS Service Manager and there is no display of 0iisservice showing cfamin running. (When compared to the production running CF 9)

      In the Application Pools. Also, there is no cfdmin under Sites in the Application Pools.


      I checked the Sevices and ColdFusion 10 Application Server and ColdFusion 10 Jetty Service  show Started.


      Does anyone have any ideas?




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          userCold9 Level 1

          I missed mentioning that the server for Cold Fusion 10 is running IIS 7.




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            userCold9 Level 1

            The Server is a Windows 2008 not a 2003.

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              Anit_Kumar Adobe Employee



              Thank you for your post. Can you remove the existing connector and recreate the same. If, still the virtual directory for CFIDE and jakarta are not added, please try the following:-


              Open IIS Manager, and select the website. Create the virtual directory CFIDE and jakarta.


              • Virtual Directory name CFIDE location {CF-HOME}\cfusion\wwwroot\CFIDE.
              • Virtual Directory name jakarta location {CF-HOME}\config\wsconfig\{magic-number}.
              • Select the jakarta virtual directory in the Connections panel.
              • Double-click the Handler Mappings icon in Feature View.
              • Click Edit Feature Permission in the Actions panel.
              • Ensure Execute is selected.


              Double-click Handler Mappings, click Add Script Map in the Actions panel. Add handlers for cfm, cfc, cfml, cfr, and cfswf extensions and point all of them to {CF-HOME}\config\wsconfig\{magic-number}\isapi_redirect.dll.

              Double-click ISAPI Filters and click Add in the Actions panel. Give a Filter name (for example, Tomcat) and point it to {CF-HOME}\config\wsconfig\{magic-number}\isapi_redirect.dll.

              Note: Enable the following features at IIS the level.

              • ISAPI Extensions
              • ISAPI Filters
              • CGI
              • ASP .NET


              Hope this helps.



              Anit Kumar

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                userCold9 Level 1

                I was able to get the Cold Fusion 10 Configuration and Setting Migration Wizard to appear.


                I am having the issue with the URL on the Configuration ans Setting Migration Wizard pointing to the following URL:


                Receiving a message:

                HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found
                The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

                The following is the information in the error page:

                Module IIS Web Core
                Notification MapRequestHandler
                Handler ISAPI-dll
                Error Code 0x80070002
                Requested URL http://localhost:80/jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll
                Physical Path D:\ColdFusion10\cfusion\wwwroot\jakarta\isapi_redirect.dll
                Logon Method Anonymous
                Logon User Anonymous

                I could not find a directory called jakarta.