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    project crashes on one machine but not the other...

    Mr. Ryan Kelly



      Any suggestions welcome!




      I have an AE file using a quicktime dnxhd file (220 8bit), several psd files, a null and a solid. The the psd files are nested and have a gaussian blur on top - so does the solid (which is masked). The nested comp and solid have a small amount of animation on them (position/scaling only) We have AE CS6 11.0.2 on win7 pro HP z820 dual xeon/64 gb ram, GTX 690. - 4 identical machines. quicktime version matches, avid codec versions match. One out of the four cannot play down or render this one project to save its life. I tried disabling disk cache, disabling opengl gpu (although project is not using that feature), resetting preferences, changing render location (from network location to local drive) to no avail. I opened the source footage in a new project from scratch and that played fine, i imported the scene and pasted in the nest/solid and then deleted teh old source footage from the comp and resaved. as soon as i hit play the program locks up. The scene will lock up AE just by playing the timeline - freezes up usually around half way through.


      Oh, one time AE actually spat this error out: crash invoking plugin: gaussian blur. However, even if i turn off the effects on both layers the file still crashes.


      using guassian blur in other projects works just fine.


      seems like some sort of memory thing but I have no basis for that.


      Just looking for some ideas to try out


      Again, I can open the exact same project on 3 other identical hardware machines with same drive mappings, etc and they all can open and render the file.


      Thanks for listening