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    Is there a way to select multiple sequences and batch export them using the same settings in CS6?

    berzerkgirl Level 1

      I am a current Final Cut Pro7 user and looking to switch over to Premiere Pro CS6.  We edit approx. 100 short (15 sec.) videos daily, and then select them all at the end of the day and batch export them over night using the same export recipe for all. I have having trouble finding an easy way to do this in Premiere pro CS6, as command +E is grayed out if i select more than one sequence at a time. 


      so far, it appears that i have to select each video individually and manually set encoding recipe and export location for each....  Not only would this be terribly time consuming, but it leaves a lot of room for error and missed videos.  I thought i would be able to send all of the sequences to Adobe Media Encoder,  but i dont see that option either.


      Any suggestions/