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    Titles over banners


      I've seen, in recent docs, a technique whereby smaller titles, like the names and titles of interview subjects, are superimposed over a transparent white banner which softens the background and makes it easy to read the words.  Can this be done with PE?  I know how to make the title.  It's making the banner, and making it just in the vicinity of the words, that I can't noodle out.  I have PE 4, but my son has PE 10, so I can always borrow his rig. 


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          The basic idea is to have your banner on the video track below that on which the title is located.


          You can create your own banner in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop as well as in the Premiere Elements Titler or use a Premiere Elements Color Matte. Lots of possibilities.You might want to look into the Title Templates, especially the lower3rd versions of a given theme. These Title Templates come with text that you can fashion to your purpose. The scenario might go: people scene on Video 1, lower3rd Title Template on Video 2. Another might be people scene on Video 1, banner created in Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements Titler on Video 2, and text layer on Video 3. The text is moved to be displayed on the banner.


          I see no reason why this type of creation cannot be done in your Premiere Elements 4.


          If you are interested, tomorrow I will post a mini how to if necessary.



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            dswift743 Level 1

            Thanks, ATR.  Very helpful.  I've almost got what I want using the colored matte.  I chose the color, the opacity, and the order of video tracks you outlined, and all that is working great.  Here's my problem now: I only seem to be able to size the matte to scale.  Whether I grab it at the side or at the corner, it shrinks or expands in the ratio of 16:9.  I need a long, thin banner.  Am I missing something?


            Meanwhile I'll try one of the other scenerios.





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              Thanks for the follow up.


              For Premiere Elements 4 Windows and your Color Matte


              1. Highlight the Color Matte file on the Timeline. Then go to Window Menu/Properties to get at the Properties Palette for that file.


              2. Then Properties Palette/Motion Panel/ and Scale in the Motion Panel area. Note that the "constrain proportions" option which, by default, has a check mark next to it. In this configuration width and height are scaled together. So, remove that check mark so that you can scale width or height.


              Some other things for you to explore...


              a. Look to the use of Effects/Keying/and one of the Garbage Matte Effects to reshape the panel, see Edit Effects after you apply the selected Garbage Matte. I would probably look at the Four-Point Garbage Matte first.


              b. Look to the use of Effects/Transform/Edge Feather followed by Edit Effects to soften the edges of your banner.


              Lots of possibilities using your Premiere Elements 4.


              We will be watching for your progress.





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                dswift743 Level 1

                Excellent information, ATR.  It works like a dream.  You even read my mind.  I was going to ask about the opportunities with effects.  I don't suppose there's any way I can feather just the right edge, is there?  Otherwise I'll just stay conservative.


                I'm excited about the film I'm going to make this summer.  Our church youth are collecting unused bikes collecting dust in garages and basements.  They're fixing them up, and then will be giving them to at-risk youth who need the transportation to get to work and school.  The whole thing is inspired by a program where our youth meet Nobel Peace Laureates once a year for inspiration.  Lots of great people to interview, and excellent action footage.  I want to do it all justice.


                Thanks again for your help!



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  For a single edge-feather, I would create that "banner" in PS, and use it below your actual Title in PrE. A Gradient, will give you the result that you are looking for.


                  Good luck,



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    This is the Premiere Elements Forum, so I try to keep that focus on Premiere Elements. So, I go out of my way to find the "Premiere Elements" way if possible. Emphasis, if possible.


                    You may want to go conservative, however I offer for your consideration this wild idea for the one sided feather (or sorts) in a feature that does not offer much control.


                    1. Your banner sized with scaling is on Video 2 with a Four-Point Garbage Matte used for some shaping as compared to the original Color Matte from New Item.


                    2. Duplicate the Video 2 file, and place the duplicate on Video 3 directly above Video 2 banner.


                    3. Go to Video 2 content and now apply the Edge Feather Effect there. (Can disable Video 3 content to see feather amount to Video 2 banner. Then Enable Video 2 content again. See right click of file on Timeline and Enable in pop up menu for Disabling and Enabling file.)


                    4. Go back to the duplicate on Video 3. In its Properties Palette, duplicate (copy/paste) the Four-Point Garbage Matte Panel there.


                    5. Using Video 3 content Properties Panel's highlighted lower Four-Point Garbage Matte Panel, set so that just the left side of the banner is showing. At this point the isolated section is going to look like a mismatched mess.


                    6. However, apply a Gaussian Blur (Effects/Blur, Sharpen/Gaussian Blur) to Video 3 content and adjust the Gaussian Blur Effect in Video 3 content's Properties Palette/Gaussian Blur Panel. It does not look too bad.


                    A lot of ifs for a go or no go with this. Photoshop Elements would probably be the preferred way to create your banner for import into Premiere Elements. But if you just have Premiere Elements, this just might make due in a satisfactory way.


                    Success with your project and thanks for the follow up.



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                      dswift743 Level 1

                      Thanks, Bill. That's exactly what I did, and it looks great!





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                        dswift743 Level 1

                        Thanks, AT.  I was thinking about combining effects, too.  But I didn't go as far as you went! 




                        Eventually I launched into my son's PP, with reference book and Bill's suggestion, and it worked like a dream.  I'm excited to have this technique in my quiver, and I couldn't have done it without your help.




                        All best,





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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Thanks for the good news. We are glad that everything turned out so well for you.


                          You did a great job.


                          Continued success.