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    remove program

      When I try to print out a document,I get an error message stating adobe reader can,t reconize my printer. I decided to remove adoe acrobat and reader completely and start over and redown load. This adobe has been on my computer along time and updated as new updates came out. Now I can't remove it because there is no unistall progam to be found. I have tried by using config and disabling all programs, and then tring to remove that didn't work nobody at adobe will help me I'm lost.
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          You would probably need to manually remove it, It is probably easier and a better idea to get your printer working.

          When you select file/printer setup you should get a list of all the printers your system has installed. Not sure if you are on mac or windows, but I think the menu is the same. Your default printer should be selected and I think that adobe reader uses the same drivers as the operating system does, unless you had selected another previously.

          With more information someone ought to be able to help.