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    Issue: Aliasing text in render, regardless of Preset




      I'm new to AE CS6, but I have done SOME A/V in Corel Pro for both low and HD high-res, so I'm a newbie, but I am familiar with common Presets for different quality requirements.


      The issue is, the rendered AVI (911,280KB !!) shows aliased text - text that fades in using opacity fade in with keyframes. I've tried one HD and one NTSC/DV preset. I've tried adjusting the Advanced render settings.


      Please let me know if I should provide system spec, or if the issue is uncommon and needs further detail, i.e. is this a common issue for 1st time users that can be solved by click of a switch...


      I haven't installed QuickTime, yet either.


      Any help would be much appreciated.



      Issue in short form by illustration:


      1- showing text/stage with composition settings:




      2 - showing the render output settings





      3 - Showing AVI video in Windows Media Player at default size, i.e. window has not be adjusted or resized manually.



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          The rendered video appears to be interlaced: do you know about interlacing?


          If there are no video files in the comp, adjust the comp's Render Settings after you add the comp to the AE Render Queue.  Set the Field Order to None.  See what happens.


          Normally, interlaced video does NOT look very good in a simple media viewer.  But it looks just fine on TV or on a DVD.

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            Dthi89 Level 1

            Hi Dave


            Thanks or your reply, and for the pointers. Very basics only, but looking forward to learn more. Watched this on video2brain: http://www.video2brain.com/en/lessons/fields-and-interlacing, which helped. The Field Order was already None. Incidentally, the choice of NTSC DV was made by watching a layering tutorial. Secondly, the Comp Settings are Classic 3D. AVI is wrong (or me, for web) What I need to do is experiment with the Output Module.


            'Field Order' is Field Render?


            I just want to add, in Corel, I've only ever exported as WAV/WMV with web video a target (thank to YT for doing a great job at converting hi res rendered HD to lower res)... so I need to try other output settings, certainly. My ouput target is web video, Vimeo / YouTube...




            UPDATE ON WAV as output instead of AVI, positive result, text renders as desired:




            Seems like I got misled by the earlier layering YT tutorial. AVI for WEB-VOD! Why didn't I realise, been there before now that I think about it.


            Learnt 2 things: stick to the output settings I know work for conversion to web video, and Interlacing basics


            Thank you or your time and help Dave, grateful.