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    how can I enable a continue shopping or add to cart link in a form




      because of the number of variables in selecting our shirts, a standard shopping cart would not work in our situation, neither PayPal's, or many others reviewed


      we have 24 shirt styles, and would like to offer as many as 19 sizes baby to 7XL, and 6 color themes, however even the added fields and logic skips with this form  the choice of sizes were reduced to 11


      however, so far, the FormsCentral form with a work around fixes most of these problems and collects and reports payments directly to PayPal


      is there some way to instead of reporting to PayPal to report to a 'shopping cart' which then reports to PayPal allowing for the customer to return to shopping and add additional items?? to flow from web page to form to shopping cart to return to web page to form to shopping cart and when finished  check out


      Mahalo for your time




      Dennis Shields