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    Premiere to DaVinci Resolve Large Project Workflow

    MannyEdwards Level 1

      When working with a large project like a feature, you usually break the movie down into reels of 10-12 minutes or so. But importing the xml to DaVinci Resolve can be a pain because PPro doesn't know how to export the xml for a single sequence -- it exports entire project. So when you import the xml to Resolve, it adds every frame of the Premiere project into the media every time you import a reel for color correction. If your PPro project has 150,000 frames and 11 reels, you'll wind up with over 1.5 million frames in your Resolve media pool, plus it takes like 10 minutes to import the xml every time.


      The workaround is to create a PPro project for each reel of the movie and export the xml from that project. Then you import each reel into Resolve in like 5 seconds, while keeping all the reels in a single Resolve project. Very handy.


      So here's the workflow:


      1. Break your feature into reels (say, 10), and save the project as "My Feature."

      2. Create a new PPro project named My Feature Reel 1.

      3. Import "My Feature." A dialogue asks whether to import the entire project or selected reels. Select Reel 1.

      4. Export the My Feature Reel 1 xml.

      5. Import the Reel 1 xml into Resolve.


      Yes, it's a little clunky. It would be great if PPro had the ability to export the xml for selected sequences, but until Adobe makes that happen, this workflow will save you some time.