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    Mini Bridge Layout Changes from CS5.5 to CS6


      I recently upgraded from CS5.5 to CS6 on my work PC and I noticed a real annoying change with the layout of the Mini Bridge, specifically in InDesign. I was really hoping (and praying) that there would be a way to get the layout back to the way it was in CS5.5. 


      When the Mini Bridge is open the way it used to be was split at the top with the left side with favorites and the right side with a file navigator. The favorites portion was always there and did not disappear when you clicked on a folder, rather it just loaded the file list up in the bottom portion of the window. I REALLY miss that. Now in CS6 there is a drop down bar that is a pain to use and navigate through and when you click on the favorites (or any other option) it loads into the only navigation bar when you click on a folder it does not display the folders inside of it, instead just files in the folder.


      Is there any way to get the Mini Bridge back to the original way? Is there an option I can click to get it to display the favorites list at all times and go back to the way it worked in CS 5.5?



      Adobe CS 5.5 mini Bridge - <a href="http://dsmy2muqb7t4m.cloudfront.net/tuts/000_2010/347_a_look_inside_indesign_cs5/t2 8.jpg"><a href="http://dsmy2muqb7t4m.cloudfront.net/tuts/000_2010/347_a_look_inside_indesign_cs5/t2 8.jpg"><span class="mceItemHidden"><a href="http://dsmy2muqb7t4m.cloudfront.net/tuts/000_2010/347_a_look_inside_indesign_cs5/t2 8.jpgPlease">http://dsmy2muqb7t4m.cloudfront.net/tuts/000_2010/347_a_look_inside_indesign_ cs5/t28.jpg</span> Please


      Please Help!