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    Workflow advice on matching different cameras and lenses

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      Greetings. I'm currently trying to match six cameras and all their different lenses to produce identical images and I need advice on fine tuning my workflow on making the camera profiles.


      Me and my team are shooting weddings. We have Nikon D3s, Nikon D3, 2x Canon 5D mk III, Canon 1D mk 3, Canon 5D mk II with 17 lenses and I'm in the middle of the process of matching their colors so when we shoot together I don't go crazy trying to match the white balance between all the cameras in Lightroom.


      The issue I have is that I managed to make all the colors, contrast, saturation and brightness for all cameras and lenses on daylight shots identical (with minimal differences) but shots under 2800k light are very different.

      I'll explain what I've done so far so that you can find my error and hopefully decide to help me.


      I bought a 24 patch color checker and took photos with all cameras - once with a 2800k halogen lamp and then with a 5500k strobe (Nikon SB-800 @ 1/16 power). I shot in RAW. The exposures are good - no blown highlights or unexposed parts. In Camera raw I applied the "Camera neutral" color profile for all cameras. I exported the shots in DNG. For each camera and lens I imported the halogen and flash lit file into DNG Profile editor.

      In the chart section I created a color table for the "2850 K only" halogen lit shot and then for the flash lit shot choosing "6500 K only".


      So far so good. The colors are good but to achieve them for the different cameras or lenses I need to input different color temperatures and tint. What I want is to set identical color temperature for all photos (say 5500k) and to get identical colors regardless of camera or lens.


      So the next step I took to get at least the daylight shots identical is to play with the "White balance calibration" under the "Color matrices" tab. For instance - DNG Profile editor determines that the flash shot should be set to 6050k +8 tint. I move the "white balance calibration" sliders until I reach the numbers I want above the flash shot (5500k). Because the colors shift I press the "Create color table" button again. My goal is to show the program that I want these (calibrated) colors to be achieved at 5500k +0 tint and not 6050k +8 tint. I get the result I want but that affects the 2850k shot. If I readjust the "white balance calibration" sliders for the 2850k shot and use "create color table" again, that ruins the 6500k adjustment.


      So using this workflow I get either the daylight shots right or the tungsten lit shots, but not both.


      So in short my question is - How do I create proper profiles that produce identical colors among all cameras and lenses under all white balance settings?


      Thanks in advance for your help and for your patience to read all this.



      I fear I may have put this topic in a wrong section. If you don't mind, I'd post it in the Lightroom section.