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    Script to regain keyboard focus from extension

    jlmdesyn72 Level 1

      This is driving me bonkers. Have a lovely extension. Such a pretty panel. Usefull. Except there is a bug using FlexUI. If you click a flex panel it grabs up keyboard focus and will not let it go unless you click somewhere else. This may be a Mac thing. You can see this behavior in the built in "Kuler" extension. Select object. Click on Kuler panel. Hit delete. Object doesn't go away.


      Now scouring the intarwebs I've seen a few posts describing this issue, but no fixes for Illustrator. If people know, they ain't telling. I aim to fix that, but first I need to find that answer.


      Actionscript is just plain slow anyway, so I have my extension logic running from a Javascript. If there was some command in that script to give Illustrator back keyboard focus, even if it's a hack (such as invoke action), now that would be something.


      Any ideas? Test it by using Kuler and running the script from Illustrator. The act of switching between ESTK and illustrator will fix things, but obviously you don't want to switch applications in the middle of a task.