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    Cannot view the application page: Debug perspective launch error

    Mini Mathur

      Hello everyone


      Everytime I create an application in Flex, for 5-6 times the application runs/debugs normally and the application page opens up without any issues. But then this bug error message pops up :This kind of launch is configured to open the debug perspective when it suspends. Do you want to open this perspective now? " and a HTTPservice.as file opens up which simply does not let me view my application page.


      I am mentioning this as an error message because whether I click yes or no or do nothing, the debug perspective opens up automatically, and the application NEVER launches in the web browser thereafter.


      I am pretty new to flex applications and this issue has been troubling me ever since I started working on a flex application. Everytime I have to create a  new file to view my application. I would like to first create the entire application and then start the debugging process.


      Please help me with this issue as this is the only place where I can expect a workable solution.


      Expecting a quick response. Thanks.