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    Missing Internal Linked Story (CS6)

    Elisabetta S Level 1

      Hello all!


      I have just opened a document in InDesign CS6 which I created myself a few days back. I copied and pasted text from Microsoft Word to Notepad and then into InDesign (I probably didn't need to do the Notepad step but just in case).


      The text is divided in small boxes so just importin the Word Document wouldn't have worked for me in this case.


      Regardless, now that I have opened this file again, I get some weird link error where it says I am missing story links in each box. Here is the screenshot.


      The text is still present and editable and acts just as any text, which is what I expect it to do. However I don't understand the issue with the missing linked story, especially since I didn't even import anything: I copied and pasted the text.


      I have no idea of how to solve this, in practice it doesn't affect the document and I can export the file with no issues, but I still would like to know what InDesign is on about.


      Thanks in advance!