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    Error with Render Multiple Frames

    DG. David Escalante Level 1

      I have this problem before and the only solution I had was to reinstall the WHOLE system and it was fixed that way (but manually install Adobe CC).


      The problem is the next:

      After Effects doesn't render anything if I have "Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously" enabled. If click "Render" and it keep there forever and it never render, sometimes it automatically stop with an error:


      "After Effects Error: Rendering error while writing to file. An output module failed. The file may be damaged or corrupted (-1610153464)"


      This error shows up if I manually stop the rendering process.


      If I disable "Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously" it render without any trouble, but that is not the point, I was able to render using that feature without any trouble before and I doubt I should have any trouble with my current specs.


      When I close AE, multiple "aeselflink" keep running about 15% each one.


      What I'm aware off:

      - I have the latest After Effects version from the Creative Cloud.

      - I have quicktime installed, since It comes in the core of OSX.

      - I have fixed my permissions.

      - I have deleted ALL the Adobe folders from "Preferences" Library folder.

      - I have reinstalled After Effects 2 times.

      - Adobe Media Encoder renders without any trouble

      - I have tried to render .mov, tiff sequences, mpeg, flv, all with the same results.


      Using OSX 10.8.3 with 32GB RAM and i7 processor (4 cores with 8 cores running with hyper threading).


      Thanks in adnvace.


      Here is a video: