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    Edge animate and wordpress: loading times


      Hi lovely Edge people!


      I have a website for which I am developing some interactive maps using Edge. I have no idea how to code so most of my functionality is limited to turning elements on and off to get things to do what I want. Very basic I know, please don't laugh too much!


      It's a (custom) Wordpress site and I am using the Edge suite plugin to get the Edge animations onto the site.


      My question is about load times and file size for Edge animations. My .oam files are about 1.5-2Mb. Is this large? Should I be aiming for smaller?


      This is a link to a page on the site:


      http://everywhereyougo.co.nz/2013/04/duder-regional-park-walking-and-picnicking-amongst-th e-sheep-at-a-beautiful-coastal-farm-park/


      Did the Edge animation load particularly slow for you? Did it load at all?! I'd be interested in your feedback!


      Thanking you very much in advance,


      Lisa in New Zealand.