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    CS6 wont export my files.


      Hello everyone!
      I have a problem with the exporting of my video.
      Let me list everything.

      The two files i am using for the project are the following + sequence properties

      http://gyazo.com/3583976831c6305c6f61ff17c43cc9dd.png http://gyazo.com/e1a16f9d1f0a753f22648b62602fae14.png http://gyazo.com/cebc702d959cc341cf9b88a61b1d6916.png


      So, the two videofiles are sped up to 900%.
      As you see here in the image below, the whole thing is rendered and works perfectly to play.


      The problem is that the exporting gets stuck. I have let it be for 2 hours but nothing happened.
      I really need your help!