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    Arabic from word


      Just wondering if the easiest way to work with arabic (pasting in from word) is to buy the winsoft Scribedoor add on? (http://store.winsoft-international.com/products/product/winsoft/scribedoor/scribedoor-for- indesign.html) I don't really want to mess around with scripts or anything. thanks

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          Mohamed El-Beltagy Level 1

          You can place the Word file directly or you can paste it  while the cursor is flashing inside a text box. If the text doesn't appear in a readable way, make sure that the font is supporting Arabic language (ex: Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman...etc.). Then from Type menu click on "Apply Adobe World Ready Composers" and make sure that "right to left" character direction is chosen from the character panel.


          These options will work for you if you have the InDesign middle east version ("English Arabic Enabled" from adobe.com). You will need scribe door plugin only if you have purchased a version that doesn't support Arabic language.

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            saravlg Level 1

            Thanks. I can't find the option to 'Apply Adobe World Ready Composers' so I'm guessing I have to buy scribedoor. S

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              saravlg Level 1

              actually strike that. just figured it out. thanks again