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    communicating with another edge in an iframe


      Hi, I'm having trouble communicating with an iFrame.

      I've successfully loaded another Edge html into an iFrame inside another Edge project…



      //I have a container called box

      sym.$("box").html("<iframe id='Mycontainer' width='100%' height='100%' style='margin:0;padding:0;border:0' src='mypage.html'></iframe>");



      //I can remove the page using






      But I now want to tell the loaded Edge within the iFrame to stop at a certain frame from a button in the main container, I've tried getting the stage of the loaded Edge using is class ID this but it doesn't work…


      //on click event

      var comp = $.Edge.getComposition("EDGE-190900287");

      var stage = comp.getStage();




      Maybe I'm not referencing the iframe id??


      //I've even tried...

      sym.getSymbol("#Mycontainer").$.Edge.getComposition("EDGE-190900287").getStage().stop("t3_ zoom_in");


      sym.getSymbol("#Mycontainer").getComposition("EDGE-190900287").getStage().stop("t3_zoom_in ");


      Can anyone help?