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    Creative Cloud : what about the resellers?

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      I'm surprised that nobody (and Adobe in the first place) has a word for all these resellers (I'm not one of them) who distributed their boxes around the world, helping them make their products successful. Before, they call them their partners. Now we know what partnership means for Adobe and how they reward both reseller and customer loyalty.

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          pf22 Level 2

          I work for one of Adobe's channel "partners," and we are selling Creative Cloud to our clients, at least to those that are willing to make the jump at the moment. We are also selling CS6 licenses, and will be able to continue to do so, from what Adobe have said, for the foreseeable future.


          Personally, Adobe will not see another penny from me while I can still run CS5/6, and given that my OS is Win7 Pro 64bit, that probably means 20yrs or so! LOL! I don't make a living from Photoshop, and never upgraded on every release, so the increased cost is simply out of the question, plus I find the subscription model Adobe have come up with, stop paying and you got nuthin', completely unacceptable.


          For my professional clients, CC has definite advantages and I have no qualms recommending it, plus, let's face it, it's a fait accompli, they will get on-board, either now or in the future, for someone like me, it doesn't make sense. Adobe have decided that from a business perspective, people like me don't matter... thanks guys, it's been fun.