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    Opening old Premiere 6.1 ppj files in Pro CS5.5?


      I have just run across some CD-ROMs with backups of some OLD Premiere 6.1 .ppj files on them (including the source file videos too). When I stuck it into my cd-rom just now, the .ppj files showed up as "Premiere Pro" file types. I tried to open them but after Premiere opened, it said there was an error with each file. However, this makes me wonder if I could open old .ppj files at all with Premiere Pro CS 5.5?  I think I have an old hard drive stashed in the cabinet which would have EVERYTHING associated with the project on it. I'd love to be able to recover it and recreate my video in full standard definition. (Back in 2001 when I did these, my computer would choke just to squeeze out a 640x480 version without hiccups!)


      Any idea if this is even possible? What steps should I take? I don't want to spend a lot of time trying this out if it's already known not to work.