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    Cross-domain SWF problem

      My main SWF (let's call it "TheShell.SWF") needs to load another SWF (let's call this one "TheContent.SWF") using loadMovie cross-domain.

      I have added the following line to the first frame of TheContent.SWF:
      System.security.allowDomain ( " http://www.example_shell_host.com" );

      However, when I open "TheShell.SWF" on another domain if fails to pull in the SWF.

      I have tried specifying the exact path ( " http://www.example_shell_host.com/creative" ), but that didn’t work either. Neither did the use of the "*" wildcard.

      What am I doing wrong? Do I need to add any code to "TheShell.SWF"?