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    AS2 Tween class snap-back problem. Please help!

      Have a look here: http://bernardkowalski.com/temp/tween/
      Those are 5 MCs attached to a container MC. Mouse over and out for a bit and you'll see the problem. If you roll over a square and then out before it completes the tween, and then over again the alpha will fade to 20% as it should but then pop back to the initial value of 100%.

      Does anyone understand why this is happening? Has anyone come up with a solution?

      The AS for this example is attached.

      Something I just noticed.
      If you mouse "through" one of the squares and then wait 5 seconds (the duration of the out tween) and then mouse over the same square it will not pop back to 100%. If you however mouseover quicker it will pop. This leads me to believe there is some sort of timer running even though the tween is not.