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    Flash crashes - howto debug?


      I am using Firefox 17.0.4 with Linux, Flash is, Firefox Add-ons Manager shows Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202 plugin installed.  Whenever I go to a site with flash, the flash area is black (blank box), going to a random youtube site and trying to watch a video, and after waiting for quite a while, I finally get the graphic in the blank box 'The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed'.  Looking in Error Console the last entry is TypeError: b.getPlayerState is not a function.


      This same version of OS (Gentoo Linux, 32bit), Firefox, and Adobe Flash are working on a similar install but not here.  Not sure what is different.  Have tried reinstalling Firefox and Adobe Flash.  Possibly dependency issues, but not sure what all libraries it dependends on (ldd on the flash .so file doesn't show any file not found's).


      Where to go from here?  Is there a way to debug/watch Flash to see what it is having trouble with within the browser environment, or is there a way to run it standalone and use tools like strace?



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          pwillener Level 8

          Sorry, I don't know much about Linux.  But when I see "black" or "green", I always suspect a conflict with the graphics drivers.  Could you check if there is a newer driver for your GPU available?

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            ceeuu Level 1

            I have checked for latest drivers and there isn't any newer for the graphics card I have.  The system that is working, the similar system that I explained about above, is the same box just a different boot image so the combination I have does work...  The image that does not work is a scaled down version targeted for an embeded/diskless installation so doesn't have everything a full blown OS install has.  Problem is now, I need to find out what is missing.  Any ideas on how to debug the operation of Flash to see what it is trying to load or is missing?