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    revising forms


      After a form is created is there a way to update the results spreadsheet with the revised questions.  We had some typos on our forms and once revised I noticed that the spreadsheet was not updated with the correct column headers.



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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          You can directly edit the corresponding column name in the View Responses tab and that will show up in the Summary Reports as well.


          After the form has recieved reponses the field "caption" and the column name in the View Response tab and cards in the Summary Report are still "connected", but their names are independant, changing one does not change the other.  Before you have received any responses changing a caption changes the corresponding column/card name but not afterwards. 


          You can however simply change the column name to match the field caption so they are the same.  Changing the column name will also change the names used in the Summary Reports.