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    PDF Profiles with MadetoPrint plugin


      I tried troubleshooting this, but figured it's probably a unique problem.


      I use MadetoPrint to create PDFs because it will automatically work on multiple INDD files at once with the same export profile. All the INDD files I'm working with have the same spot colors and are all two-color separations. What I need to do is automate it so that the PDF will convert ONE of the spot colors to CMYK, but not the other. If I save the PDF profile using Indesign's PDF export, it will work across all the files; however, applying this profile to MadetoPrint doesn't work - it will use all the other settings except it will not convert one color to CMYK. (It leaves the color profile alone).


      Is there a way to around this? It would save a lot of time if I could automate the task rather than open every Indesign file and export it that way.