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    32-bit plugin shortcut created on windows 64 does not work in PS CS6 (32bit)

    Shmoopie99 Level 1

      Here is a really odd one.


      I have 32-bit and 64-bit PS installed on Windows 8. If I have a 32-bit plugin in FOLDER32, and I manually create a shortcut in the 32-bit PS Plugins folder that points to FOLDER32, 32-bit PS will not load the plugin in FOLDER32.


      If I do the same thing for a 64-bit plugin in 64-bit PS, it works fine.


      However, if I create the shortcut to FOLDER32 from a 32-bit program (such as a custom 32-bit installer tool), then 32-bit PS *can* follow the shortcut and does see the plugin in FOLDER32.


      Weird, huh?


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