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    Photoshop Action - Multiple Save As


      Hi all.


      I am trying to make an Action to save out multiple versions of a file, that can be applied to numerous different files, all in different destinations.


      How can I edit and remove the "IN" parameter in the Save As steps of the actions?


      I have tried the "insert menu item" but even when clicking on SAVE AS it only records it as SAVE (with copy).

      I see there is a default SAVE AS PHOTOSHOP PDF in the Production set of actions, but it has differet settings to what I need.


      Any help is appreciated

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Your description is vague and confusing. Try to explain again. that aside you may be simply expecting too much from actions. If you have that many combinations of settings and locations, a script might be the only way to cover everything.



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            Hi all,


            The problems detailed first is a problem I am also experiencing and it maybe a case that I am asking too much but I really don't think so - Here is the issue:-


            I create the product information pages for my website (www.formyoffice.co.uk) and each product has an HD image, a std image, a section link image, and a thumbnail image, and these are sized to square images in pixels to the following sizes HD=750, STD=350, Section=150, Thumb=75 pixels.  I am hoping to set up an automated process that once I have finished modifying the image given from whoever (suppliers/manufacturer/customer/showroom photo) and I have saved this HD image, will then run a batch and adjust this image to the required size AND save this image for use.  I have completed an "Action" process and this works well but have an issue with the filename that the new image is then saved as and this is making this automated process pointless.  So if my original image was called, for example "OSCO-Test-HD-1.jpg" my process required an action to deleted ".jpg" and then re-save with addition "-350" for STD, "-tna" for Section, and "-tnb" for thumb but the problem is that the filname will not update to the actual file it is looking at and keeps modifying the filename so new file "Wibble-Test-HD-1" will get changed to the following "OSCO-Test-HD-1-350.jpg", "OSCO-Test-HD-1-tna.jpg", and "OSCO-Test-HD-1-tnb.jpg" instead of saving as the correct extensions "Wibble-Test-HD-1-350", "Wibble-Test-HD-1-tna", and "Wibble-Test-HD-1-tnb".


            Am I asking too much here??  The filename does update itself but I can not get the action to use the current original file that it will modify to create these other images, it jsut keeps using the filename used when creating the Macro action process and then updates this.  Any help will be greatly appreciated and I think this will help Tigo88 as I think this is the same issue.


            Richard Kings


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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              I would suggest that you download the Image Processor Pro plug-in script from Russell Browns web site. Once installed you will find it under menu File>Automate>Image Processor pro. 


              This script written by X is very powerful it will do all the opening and saving of files.  It can save may file types has resizing and save options for each file types. Provides you with naming options and  destinations options.  All you need do is create some simple actions you want to include in the process to customize you documents.


              I think in a single run it will be able to save all the files you need if all similar type files like thumbnails can be saved to single  thumbnail folder.


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