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    Fireworks CS6 Disjointed Rollover Problem


      Here's the scenario:


      I have a list of 5 items and a separate default image. I want the default image to change based on which list item the mouse is hovering over. I have put each separate image in a different state and have set the behavior of each list item to do a swamp image with a specific state.


      Here's the problem:


      When I test the image it automatically runs through all 6 states and then does it again any time I mouseover any of the list item slices. And it doesn't matter which trigger slice I use. Even if I use the trigger that tells it to swap with the image from state 4 it executes state 1 through 6 and stops. How do I make it only load the image from the state that I am requesting?


      And if I can get it to do that, what is the proper format to export this graphic? Can I make an animated gif out of it?