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    Publish videos

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          I recorded a 12 minute presentation in powerpoint with me talking over it. I hit publish to computer, and it took over 50 minutes. When I switched to the lowest quality, it was still taking incredibly long. Is there any way to speed up publishing speed? In other words, why should I keep using your product when SnagIt - another screen capture program - publishes longer videos in less than a minute on my computer?

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            Such type of problems arise due to outdated video/graphics card driver. Updating your graphics card driver will speed up your publish.


            Please follow this checklist before recording any new video :-

            • Are your video card driver is up to date? Please check whether you have the latest driver from the manufacturer’s site.  
            • Are all unnecessary applications closed?
            • Do you have sufficient free space on your hard disk? At least 5 GB is needed, but around 15 GB is recommended.
            • Are your webcam drivers up to date? It is recommended to install the webcam driver from the webcam cd or the webcam company’s site.
            • Are you capturing your video in a well-lit environment? Most webcams perform poorly in bad lighting.


            Follow these steps to find your graphics card :

            • Press (windows key + R) > type dxdiag and hit enter > go to Display tab of the window.


            If you have Intel driver, please go through this link and check the latest driver for your specific laptop/desktop ->  www.intel.com/support/oems.htm , and click on the software link corresponding to your computer manufacturer.  After that select your system identification name and ID, then follow the instructions to download and install the latest video card driver for your system.