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    SpannedACVHD MTS Clips - Arranged in order on timeline, but transition between them is NOT SEAMLESS.


      I shoot videos for musicians using a multicamera approach. So, I set all cameras rolling through the entire session without interruption. Using a Canon HFM40 Vixia Camcorder, this results in spanned clips, where I end up with a batch of separate video files instead of one contiguous file.


      Here's the problem that I've been dealing with since I started using Premiere Pro... It's not a problem at all laying the separate clips in order on the timeline. The big problem is that the clips do not transistion seamlessly into the next. There is a distinct jump or jitter between connectected clips that is quite obvious.


      View this segment of a project I'm working on as we speak. Watch carefully betseen 8 and 9 seconds and you will see a split second of visual and audio distortion.



      Click this screenshot image below to see how this glitch occurs at the editing level.


      Distortion between clips.jpg


      If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know.