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    File Content Deleted Upon Upload


      Greetings. Just for the past day, when I upload files to my server, the file appears in the remote site but it somehow gets emptied.

      I think it is caused somehow by Dreamweaver, which I am using for creating and uploading the html files.

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          sudarshan.t Level 6

          Just for the past day

          Did you change some setting in the past couple of days?


          When you say it gets 'emptied', do you mean the file uploads fine but shows 0KB (null) size? Did your webhost change some setting at their end recently?


          Is this happening only on this 1 site or all of your sites in DW?


          Did you try using a 3rd party FTP such as 'Filezilla' to check if the same issue persists there?

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            goatian Level 1

            Sorry this isn't an answer to your question, Berlin, but I've had the same problem (checking in files works, but content is emptied once uploaded, ie 0kb).

            Weird – did you get anywhere with your research? Thanks

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              MurraySummers Level 8

              Do you already have other files on this server account? It sounds like things have been working normally for you until just a day or so ago - is that right? If that is the case, is it possible that you have exceeded the storage capacity for your hosting account? The symptoms you describe are exactly what would happen if that were the case.

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