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    Generating Bookmarks from PDF Text???


      I have a 4,227 page pdf document that I created.  It's essentially a service manual that I am making for my truck.  I registered for a 3 day account on the service website for my vehicle and saved every single topic to pdf.  I then merged all of the documents into a single book. I began manually labeling all of the bookmarks, but it has become very tedious and time consuming. 


      Every single topic (which may be one or multiple pages) begins a uniformly structured format, identifying it's place in the overall book.  Ex: "02 - Front Suspension/Front, Independent Front Suspension/Description" the next line is the title of the specific topic. See the picture below.


      Essentially the format is like so: "## - Chapter Title/Topic/Subtopic/PossibleSubtopic/..."  The next line is a large font title of the specific Topic.


      The number of sub topic layers varies between chapters and topics.


      Does anyone have a suggested scrip to automate the generation of my bookmarks?



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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This might be possible to do with a custom-made script, but it depends a lot on how consistent the location and format of the title text is.

          Also, creating the bookmarks' hierarchy is going to be tricky. This is not a trivial task, but I have done similar things in the past.


          But I would think that vehicle manufacturers will have a PDF manual for their vehicles and not just a web-based one... Have you asked them for such a thing?

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            jeepguy1980 Level 1

            I am about 2,000 pages into this task, so if I have to, I can finish it.


            As for a manufacturers manual; there isn't anything that will compare to this document.  I got this stuff from the same website that the Dodge dealerships use.  It has far more content than the consumer level service manual.  The subscriptions are $35/3 days, $250/month, or $1,800/year, all for single user accounts.  Granted, they allow the user to access information for all vehicles.  The consumer level manual is a similar format.  It's an .iso and not a .pdf.  It's still browsed using a web browser and not mobile device or non-Windows friendly.


            But the bottom line is, if you think a script is too hard, then I guess I'll proceed manually.

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              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              "Too hard" is subjective. For a novice it will be too complicated to create on their own, in my opinion.

              If you're interested in someone creating it for you, feel free to contact me privately at try6767@gmail.com.