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    setting new username & password


      can someone help me please.....I have been trying to change my username and password in my Adobe Digital as I have a new computer & I couldn't remember my old username...I have gone into Adobe several times to get help but no one is helping me resolve the problem

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          YuvrajShinde071 Level 2

          Hi there,



          Be informed that, your username and password is your Adobe ID (email address) and password which you use to login into your Adobe account.

          Provide us with the error message  if you are getting while authorizing Digital Editions.






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            flashmasterj Level 1

            Hi Yuvraj


            I want to register for Adobe all over again as I have forgotten the username & password as I have a new computer & the old computer had totally crashed....is there someone in Adobe who can help me reset or let me know my old username & password



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              sjpt Level 4

              To recover password or get new ID you need to go to the Adobe web site, you can't do it from ADE.


              If you want a new AdobeID, just register it on the site with your current email.

              If that email address is the same as the one you used before, you won't be able to; but you will get the chance to recover your password.

              If it is a different address, you will just get a brand new AdobeID and can forget about the old one (but won't be able to read books registered to the old one).

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                flashmasterj Level 1





                thank you for helping me to resolve the problem....is there a technician at Adobe website that can tell me the old registered  username & the password so I can continue to download books onto my Kobo...or a # I can call to guide me to retrieve the old registered username & password....I have tried but still not successful....Please Help..







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                  sjpt Level 4

                  They will need more information to go on to recover your old id.


                  Have you got any DRM (digital rightes management) books already on the Kobe or elsewhere that you still want to be able to read,

                  or are you only interested in the ability to read new books?


                  If you only want to read new books, just get yourself a new Adobe ID and forget all about the old one.

                  Register all your devices with that new ID.  Query back if you need help with that.



                  If you want to read old books,


                  If you search about on your Kobo there may well be a settings or help or information page that will tell you your adobe ID the Kobo is registered with.

                  I haven't got a Kobo so can't help with details there.


                  Or Adobe should be able to help if you give them your Adobe userid in its 'internal' format (urn:uuid:)

                  I can tell you how to get at that but it is a little complicated.

                  So first check with Live Chat and ask them if they can tell you the email address if you give them the urn:uuid:

                  or indeed if there is any other way they can recover it.

                  Adobe Live Chat: http://www.adobe.com/support/chat/ivrchat.html


                  If they can, then I'll tell you how to get at that internal id.

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                    flashmasterj Level 1

                    Hi sjpt




                    thank you so much for your help; greatly appreciated....I have gotten myself a new password; however when I borrowed books & when it comes to downloading it onto my Kobo it fails; saying I can’t borrow the books.....




                    if it happens again...I will change the Username as well as the Password....currently I just have a new password....all I want is to be able to continue borrowing books from the library & download onto my Kobo....I will get myself a new Adobe ID if it doesn’t work this time around....I will show your email to my neighbor who is good in computer.....I am a moron when it comes to anything technical...




                    thank you sjpt for taking the time to help me resolve the problem....I don’t have any DRM....I don’t think so...







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