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    Flash question for Presenter

      Hey everyone, I would really appreciate any help I can get with this issue.
      I'm trying to figure out a way to track viewers better.
      Basically a slide comes up with a quiz created in flash. The user will click a submit button (not in the flash) that hyperlinks them to the next slide. What I'm looking to do is put the button in the actual flash piece rather than outside it and have some kind of action script that can not only bring the viewer to the next slide but also track their "click" so we know they have been that far in the presentation.

      To be as brief and simple as possible... Is there action script that can be put on the submit button in our flash quiz that will serve the same purpose as the "next slide" button on the actual presenter?

      Thank you!
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          If you publish your presentation to a Connect server, it can track each slide's viewership.

          I have over 50 presentations published on a Connect server (most, but not all, are public). Each of them has quizzes.

          When I sign in to the Connect server, I can click Content, and then click on a presentation name, and go to Reports. You can look them up By Slide, to see how many times each slide has been viewed.

          Through experience, I have found that the first slide is viewed the most, with a sharp decline over the next 2 or 3 slides, and then it evens out through to the last slide.

          If you would like to see examples, they are here:

          (A few of those were published in Captivate but will be re-done in Presenter over the next few weeks...)