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    Using refine edge tool


      Followed YouTube videos etc.  but I find hair selection virtually impossible.  Initially put it down to my skills.  But now tried on my friends machine.  With great success.  Even the defringe tool works beautifully on his machine but does nothing on mine.  I am using a 27 in mac with a graphics tablet.  Tried different brush selections in case it has something to do with the table pressures etc  but no help.  Any thoughts it has been suggested I reinstall but such a hassle to save and reload actions etc.  when I am not sure this will help.  Also often in both CS6 and bridge access to tool bars is lost my mouse will move around the screen but disappears when I try to get onto a tool selection.  Please help!

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          vinsolo Level 3

          uninstaling photoshop and reinstalling will not mess up your actions, etc


          There are more than 25 pages of complaints on Apple's mountain lion site. These all regard disappearing cursors. IT IS DEFINITELY APPLE'S PROBLEM. IT WON'T GO AWAT WITH AN REINSTALL OF PHOTOSHOP OR OF LION OR MOUNTAIN LION.


          one workaround is to tap CMD+tab and do it until you are back at photoshop and the cursor wil reappear. there are others but this seems simplest.


          regarding the refine edge tool the secrets are hard to learn. practice.


          good luck,



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            Philhedley Level 1

            Thank you so much for your response.  To try and be more clear regarding the refine edge tool use.  When I work on my friends MacBook.  Hair selection is workable using the less is more recommendation I am able to bring hair detail into my selection with relative ease.  Processed many images now and getting well practiced and matching the composites for a final image.  It's the fact that everting works so well on his machine.  Then on my mac the selection process just does not work anywhere nearly as well.   When you get to the point of using the defringe option on his the detail is further enhanced but on mine nothing happens.   There is something different going on but I have no idea what or why.  When doing composites we work with either a grey or white background this helps to make selections effectively.  But just this one issue.

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              Philhedley Level 1

              Vince sorry my name is Phil again thank you for responding.   Not used to this site yet it took me a few minutes just to work out how to reply.  :-)

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                Re-installing without trashing Photoshop's preferences is futile, because you end up right where you started.


                To re-create the preferences files for Photoshop in OS X (Mac), start the application while holding down Command+Option+Shift. Then, click Yes to the message, "Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings file?"


                From your description you have a lot of corruption there in your Photoshop preferences.  Bite the bullet and do it ASAP.