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    Thought bloatware was only for sketchy profiteering companies.


      But i guess I was wrong. The simple fact that I have to custom install anything onto my PC is in itself a hassle, but when something like flash becomes that monster.....well, it's frankly abhorrent. Adobe is the last company I expected to have this gripe with, but sure enough, you're lame partner PC Optimizer I Don't Do Anything that Even a Slightly Computer Literate Person Can Do has snuck its way onto my system. Can i get rid of it? Sure, simple. Does it piss me off? To no end. The amount of time I have to spend to keep my PC healthy is absurb, and I blame you. Because you have a public forum for it. Because you're a giant in the field. It comes with the territory, so deal with it. The sheer fact that I can't contact you short of a forum post tells me how little you actually care. I don't blame your for making a buck. I blame you for actively making it difficult, or impossible, to keep unwanted junk off my PC. So here's to you, moderator that might actually read this post. Maybe I'll at least get a response from you. Maybe you'll have something enlightening to say. Somehow I doubt it. But I'll be checking my email anyway.


      With much chagrin,