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    Crashing Flash Player Installer, and Frequent crashes while playing


      When one is asked to upgrade, one is sent to a link where one downloads a file, which one is then supposed to run.


      Only problem is that it invariably crashes.


      Now, in trying to fix the problem, I'm offered a course on troubleshooting why the problem is. This means Adobe isn't performing its job of QC, and fixing problems, and passing the problem onto me for telling them what is wrong.


      If they don't have enough testers, they need to hire people.


      This problem of crashing installer, or frequent crashes while playing is a serious dereliction of service responsibility.


      Just provide a link that works, and a something that installs without hassles.  This has been going for years... I'm tired that it hasn't been fixed after all this time. That's one reason I don't watch much stuff that uses Flash Player.