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    Need to correct different aspect ratios in one project


      I'm relatively new with Premiere Pro, so I could very well be missing something obvious, but I'm having issues with correcting aspect ratios. My project is 16:9, and that's how I want to export everything, etc. However, many of the clips I'm having to use come stretched, skewed or rendered/recorded at an incorrect aspect (My main issue is many of my sources are 4:3 stretched to 16:9 as to fill the screen).  As far as I understood it, I could correct the issue by right-clicking the clip in the Project window > Modify > Interpret Footage and Conform the footage into the proper aspect ratio.


      I did this, and in the Preview window I could see a blurry preview of the video at the correct aspect ratio, just as I had conformed it to. I hit Render, and when I went to watch the footage, the video was in the original stretched 16:9. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.