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    Two buttons clicked to make an eleiment disappear


      Hi There. First Time I have posted on here but the forum has helped me loads in the past 6 months.


      I am stuck on a simple problem.


      When the user clicks on two button on the stage I need an eleiment to disapear.


      for example:-


      If one of the  buttons is pressed... nothing should happen.

      Then when the other button is pressed then an element disapears.

      (The user needs to be able to press the buttons in any order)


      I have been usine verables to try and work this out. How I understand it is that I sould be able to store the verable on the stage and recall it.


      This is where I have the problem. I have not pasted the stage code because it just does not work. But below is the code for one of the Symbol Button.

      I had set all the "Var" to "0" at the stage but can not change all recall them.


      The end project will need 5 buttons pressed.


      Cheers Jake





      var but1 = 1




      if (but1 = 1 && but2 = 1){