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    Edge Suite for WP Plugin Upload file issues

    agnan Level 1

      Hi, everyone I using Edge Suite for WP Plugin, I follow instruction step by step from  http://tv.adobe.com/watch/create-like-crazy-with-adobe-edge/episode-5-spice-up-your-wordpr ess-site-with-edge-animate#community .

      But I have some issues:


      How if I want delete files uploaded before and replace with new files upload, for some space issue if i often upload same file, it file will be overwritten or what..? because plugin setting unable to view or checking file has uploaded.


      And also how I tracking my Edge id="1", because it's like guessing "the cat in the sack" you don't know what id needed, maybe if just one isn't going to matter. But if some, exactly it is what I mean.


      Thanks in advance

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          LisaNewZealand Level 1

          Hi Agan, I use Edge animate animations in my Wordpress site using the Edge Suite plugin. I'm not sure if I completely understand your question but deleting old uploads and replacing is easy if thats what you mean?


          Files won't be overwritten, they'll just be given a new ID number. You can track what number you are up to by just going down to the "delete selected composition" drop down list and you'll be able to see what ID number you are up to - it'll have the number as a prefix to your composition name.


          If you upload a new file, it will get added with a new prefix number and then you can go and delete your old version from the list.


          Then to update the link in your Wordpress site you just need to replace the ID number with the new one and it will update the composition and all will be good.


          Hope that answers your question?!



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            agnan Level 1

            Thanks lisa, I understand now how setting plugin with each ID ... but it's ain't enough solve my problem with old files and new files because "delete selected composition" Will not delete the contents of files that have been uploaded in the root. I have checked in my localhost, the old files still there. So, it is bug in Edge Suite plugin I think.