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    NetStream on flex mobile not working



      I'm trying to make a flex mobile application that sends the live video of my android phone's camera to flash media server on my localhost.When i check on the server side , the connection is established with the client side and but the stream is not there.Here si the code that i used :



      import flash.media.Camera;

      import flash.media.Video;

      import flash.net.NetConnection;


      protected var nc:NetConnection;

      protected var peerID:String ;

      protected var ns:NetStream ;

      protected var  camera:Camera;

      protected var video:Video  ;

      private function connection(event:MouseEvent):void{

      nc=new NetConnection();



      nc.addEventListener(SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR, onSecurityError);


        function asyncHandler(Event:AsyncErrorEvent):void


      trace("Error Handled");


      function onBWDoneHandler( eventObj:Object ):void


      trace("Error Handled");


      function netStatusHandler(event:NetStatusEvent):void{


      switch (event.info.code){


      case "NetConnection.Connect.Success":

      trace("connectino succeded") ;

      ns=new NetStream(nc,peerID);

      camera= Camera.getCamera();



      case "NetConnection.Connect.Failed":





      function onSecurityError(event:SecurityErrorEvent):void{}





      Any one can help me please ? any advice or pointers will be appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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          fB3 Level 2

          Because you have the vod ( video on demand ) in you nc.connect("rtmp://localhost/vod"); connect call makes me think you are using the wrong FMS / AMS  version.

          You need the interactive server to publish video.

          You may be running Flash Media Streaming Server and not Flash Media Interactive Server.

          Or the new AMS versions.

          Adobe Media Server 5 Standard

          You should use

          Adobe Media Server 5 Professional.