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    Help reducing a static noise in audio when sounds play


      So I had some trouble with this device I bought (PS VITA) it makes a lot of static noise when you connect the USB PORT and the Audio Line-in. I finally fixed more of the issue by using Adobe Audition (Noise Reduction) and Adobe Premiere (Denoiser) but there is still some static playing when there are voices playing and sound effects.  Its really faint but I want to fix it. Any recommendations.

      Here is a video with only that faint static noise after I fixed most of the problems: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKTUIDMByvs

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          If you have used Audition for partial noise reduction, I would suggest that you explore its powers even more. I would post to the Audition Forum, and provide your example, asking for suggestions on additional EQ, or Filter settings, that might improve things. Audition is more likely to provide the tools to achieve your desired result, than PrPro has.


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