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    How to render images without involving the webserver filesystem?

      I am new to Flash 8 and AS 2.0, so bare with me ...

      Is there any way to display/render ordinary image types (.gif, .jpg, ...) in AS 2.0 without relying on the server's filesystem?

      I have my image data stored binary in a database (ms sql server 2005).
      The binary image data is then transfered (encoded in base64) over xml from my server side (asp.net 2.0) to my Flash 8 client component (.swf file).

      Upon arrival in the client (Flash .swf file) the binary image data is decoded and kept in String variable in Flash 8.
      These steps seem to work fine although I would have prefered Flash 8 to expose a "true" Byte datatype instead of using a String datatype.

      But how do I go about from here to successfully render the final image in Flash 8?

      Thus, what I am trying to do is to use the memory as a "url path" for my image data and not referencing some image file through a "url filesystem path".

      Can this be done in Flash 8?

      I have looked at the (new) BitmapData API in flash 8 but it seems as even this API relies on some sort of filesystem involvment in the exposed method arguments...

      I am creating a website with an "extra" administration gui where the admin account will not have write access on the webserver's filesystem,
      hence I am storing the images in a database and trying to render images dynamically "from memory" ...

      Does anyone have any tips or ideas how to approach this problem?