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    Installing McAfee without even asking???? Really????


      This isn't really a problem with installing Flash Player, but with your company.  It's one thing to include pointless software and at least give me the option to decline.  It's quite another to have it installed without even being able to decline, which is just what happened with the latest flash player update.  Should be ashamed of yourselfs.  I've already found an alternate Reader, now to look for an alternate to your Flash, which thankfully is dying anyway.

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          when you are downloading Flash there are two checks  marked one for MacAfee another for Google uncheck both then MacAfee will not be installed if you did it just go into your files and erase it since if lets say you have Norton it will conflict with MacAfee so do it that way and all will be resolved now can you answer mine please if you can. I downloaded Adobe flash and all installed but when I go to someplace that only works with Adobe Flash and I have that the latest Version but it keeps telling me you need to down loaded million times  do you know why? thanks in advance.