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    Codec "xdvc"


      Dear Forum


      i´m very confused about importing .mov files into a premiere pro project.


      I got a couple of mov-files to work with in premiere pro.

      I read in varios threads about the difficulties with these files, but I was not able to solve my problem.


      I am using Premiere Pro CS5 on a Windows computer 64-bit system.


      I figured out that the mov-files requires the "xdvc"-codec. So far so good. But my question now is: Where can I get this codec to work with these files in Premiere Pro? What are the nex steps to solve my problem?


      Thank you very much in advance!!


      Best Regards



      With MediaInfo I become these information about the mov-files:


      ID :1
      Format :MPEG Video
      Commercial name :XDCAM EX 35
      Format version :Version 2
      Format profile :Main@High
      Format settings, BVOP :Yes
      Format settings, Matrix :Custom
      Format settings, GOP :M=3, N=12
      Codec ID :xdvc
      Duration :2mn 24s
      Bit rate mode :Variable
      Bit rate :35.0 Mbps
      Width :1 888 pixels
      Original width :1 920 pixels
      Height :1 062 pixels
      Original height :1 080 pixels
      Display aspect ratio :16:9
      Frame rate mode :Constant
      Frame rate :25.000 fps
      Standard :Component
      Color space :YUV
      Chroma subsampling :4:2:0
      Bit depth :8 bits
      Scan type :Interlaced
      Scan order :Top Field First
      Compression mode :Lossy
      Bits/(Pixel*Frame) :0.698
      Stream size :596 MiB (96%)
      Title :Apple Video Mediensteuerung / Apple Alias-Datensteuerung
      Language :English
      Encoded date :UTC 2012-08-05 20:39:31
      Tagged date :UTC 2012-08-05 20:39:59
      Color primaries :BT.709
      Transfer characteristics :BT.709
      Matrix coefficients :BT.709