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    choppy line through preview


      I just recently upgraded to a 27 inch imac which I beleive to be fully capable of basic video and editing. I wanted to test out the new computer so I created a new comp and then a new shape layer which is a solid circle. I then set a key frame two seconds in (on a 30 second timeline) for a position change opposite of the starting position. As my solid cirle moves from one side to the other on an x axis it gets a choppy line through it which moves its way from the bottom to the top until it's completely passed through the shape which is also on the x axis. I'm pretty new to after effects but didn't have this problem on my pc, and like I said I have a computer now which is has better specs then the previous. I apologize if this has been covered already but I could not find any info on this problem. I'm hoping some one else has seen this before and can give me a solution. Thanks a lot. http://youtu.be/e3WHl_9WTnw