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    Using AS3 and PHP/MySQL together ? HOW ?

    Maikatiputkata Level 1
      Ok here is my pain , and i believe not just mine but one that could once fixed help many people ... i am trying for example to create a website which needs quite a big database ... so i need MySQL .But the problem is that AS3 cannot directly operate MySQL databases as PHP. What i want to do is after collecting the data in flash and having the data i need in variables in AS3 i need then to pass them to a PHP which can then operate with the database and pass data back to the AS so i can perform checks if someone has already created acc with that name or if two product serial numbers match or whatever.
      What i mainly need is a way to pass variables from AS3 to PHP and back from the PHP to the AS.
      Can someone please tell me how does this happen if it is possible or post a link for a tutorial or maybe a Skype MSN ICQ or MIRC channel where i can connect him to explain me or send data or a tutorial.
      I will be really grateful if someone helps me with this issue and i will return the favour with as much as i can.
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          There is a really good tutorial in the livedocs on adobe.com Here

          Alternatively, if you need something more secure that can handle serializing data (ex. keeping you arrays intact so that you don't have to parse them into strings and then rebuild them once they get to PHP), you could try out AMFPHP, but I'm not sure if it has been updated for AS3 yet. I've never used it, but many have testified it's a good server tool.