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    Presenter 8 activation


      Presenter 8 (32 bit) has been successfully installed and shows on the PowerPoint ribbon. However the red file tab above the recors icon is missing. If I click on the Windows button there is a tab calles "adobe presenter UnPackage" If I click on this a window opens up and asks me to enter aPackage location and an output location. What should I pit in these? I am using Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2007

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          Red File tab is a Powerpoint feature and not Presenter feature. The look and feel of Powerpoint has changed in different Powerpoint versions 2007/2010/2013. You might have been comparing Powerpoint 2007 menu, with Powerpoint 2010/2013.

          Presenter's almost all features are contained in the Presenter tab, few features like Unpackage button can be found on other tabs too. In Presenter tab, there is a package button which packs your project files, including pptx file and all media file in a single file. Unpackage button is used to unpack the package and open pptx file.


          If you want to activate your serial key,  create a pptx file, save it, goto help > activate and enter your serial key.

          You can use the Presenter Trial version for 30 days.