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    Indesign newb: PSD import looks low res in Indesign




      I was assigned to make a product catalog from some product shots. The catalog is going to be printed on B5 sized paper. Being a complete newb in Indesign I made the entire catalog in separate PSD files . Now I would like to place those PSDs into one Indesign document. I do a File > Place for every PSD.       


      The problem: all the imported PSD look very low res, despite the fact that they are 300dpi, B5 sized. Going to Object > Display Performance > High Quality does nothig to improve the situation. I'm not the one that's going to print the catalog so I have no idea how bad it'll look on paper.

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          Are we talking about just images here, or entire pages with type as well (I hope not). if there is vector content or type in your .psd files, leave it live and save as Photoshop PDF, then place that. ID rasterizes all vector content in placed .psd files.  You say these are 300 ppi. Is that what the info panel says  for Effective Resolution when you select one? Are the links up to date?